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What We Can Do For You: We can explain clearly to you what to expect, how long it will take and what we have to prepare to succeed in the case in the fastest time. Our staff will go over every question in the applications with you, prepare the documentation, collect and review the supporting documents, file the case under the name of APSAN LAW OFFICES, prepare you and your relative prior to the interview. If your relative is out of the country we will do everything necessary to have the consular interview go smoothly. If you or your relative is in the United States we will have a lawyer go with you at the adjustment interview. .

Obtaining a permanent visa grants the applicant, spouse, and minor children permanent residence to live and work in the United States. The visa is commonly known as the "Green Card." An individual can obtain a Green Card through a number of avenues.

In short, permanent residence is generally afforded to those who have achieved extraordinary ability in their professions or have a permanent employment position offered that no American can fill. Multinational executives, religious leaders and other specified individuals also qualify. Close family members of U.S. Citizens or United States Permanent Residents can obtain Green Cards through the Family Based visas, and Lottery winners can win one through the Diversity Visa process.

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The Visa Bulletin controls the time period many cases take. Using this monthly bulletin you can estimate how much time your case could take to complete your case.

Note: Priority Dates do not affect Immediate Relatives. There are as sufficient amount of Permanent Visas for all Immediate Relatives.

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