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Apsan Law Offices,LLC is a law firm dedicated to defending the rights of immigrants in deportation and removal cases. Our immigration defense team will provide you with the best possible defense  in every aspect of the  immigration trial. We are located on Astoria,  New York City and in Newark, New Jersey.

Our services include:

Attorney Moses Apsan has 30 years of trial work experience in all phases of immigration and deportation proceedings as well as appeals.

Success depends on Experience and Dedication

One of the most stressful and frightening experiences a non-citizen and his or her family faces is the prospect of forced deportation from the United States. Moses Apsan has been representing New York clients facing deportation for many different reasons. Defending the deportation requires experience in providing a proper and aggressive defense. Assistance is provided for cases were the deportation is based upon illegal entry, overstay or violation of visa, fraud and criminal conduct.

We use many strategies in defending the client. The following are examples:

Filing for Registry or Legalization Temporary Protection Status
Political Asylum Suspension of Deportation
Cancellation of removal Withholding of deportation
Termination of deportation Application for Waivers
Adjustment of Status Voluntary Departure
Citizenship Bond Hearings
Prosecutorial Discretion Dream Act Strategy

Our representation in deportation proceedings may involve the preparation and presentation of an application for relief from deportation, removal or exclusion and the collection of related, supporting documents. At times, our representation may require an argument made either orally or through a written legal brief. We counsel our clients about what will happen during the immigration hearing, the strategies involved and ensure that they are properly prepared for their day in court.

At the immigration court hearing we present witnesses in support of the application for cases in which witnesses are appropriate, and assist a well-documented application to the judge. If an appeal is necessary, we prepare the appropriate legal brief to the Board of Immigration Appeals. 

If you are facing deportation because you are illegal in the country, our New York  and New Jersey Deportation Defense lawyers can help you. We have experience and expertise in  representing non-citizens facing deportation. During years our law firm has been receiving and increasing number of referrals from other attorneys not  specialized immigration defense.

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