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Founded in 1983






Moses Apsan and his partner and staff, based in New York City and Newark, NJ, as well  as Coral Springs, Florida provide exceptional legal services throughout the world. We speak Portuguese and Spanish.

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Recognized Leaders In U.S. Immigration Law.

The Immigration Attorneys at Apsan Law Offices provide exceptional legal services, in New York City , Newark, NJ and Coral Springs, FL, in all aspects of immigration to the United States, including non-immigrant (temporary visas), immigrant visa (Green Card), and deportation defense. The Immigration lawyers are based in Newark, NJ,  Manhatten, NY and Coral Springd , FL.   The firm represents both business and individual immigration clients around the world. The team is led by Moses Apsan, Esq., past president of the Federal Bar Association (New Jersey Chapter from 1997 to 2002), a 35-year member of the American Immigraiton Lawyers Association (AILA) and staffed by experienced immigration lawyers and paralegals. Moses Apsan writes and lectures nationally on various aspects of Immigration law. The firm has been featured in articles about immigration in newspapers and magazines as well as been feature in and hosted countless television shows on immigration laws, both in the U.S. and in Brazil. Immigration Attorney Moses Apsan has over 38 years of immigration experience and is licensed to practice before the immigration courts in all 50 states. Bianca Piccoli-Mako is licensed in Brazil and in the United States and is Mr. Apsan's partner in Florida.. She has many years of immigration experiences working closely with Moses Apsan. Together they form a formidable team.

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